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Common Preventable Medical Errors

Common Preventable Medical Errors

According to The Journal of the American Medical Association, almost a quarter of active-care patient deaths were rated as at least “possibly preventable by optimal care.” Around 6% was rated as “probably or definitely preventable.” This means anywhere from 6% to 23% of patient deaths could have been prevented with better care. Likewise, as high as 74% of medical errors not resulting in wrongful death are preventable errors.

Around 100,000 deaths a year in the United States are caused by preventable medical errors, according to the National Institute of Medicine. While many people make mistakes, doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals are working in a high-risk area. Any mistake could cost a patient his or her life.

It’s also recognized medicine is still not a perfect science. There are complications that cannot be avoided even with the best of care. However, some errors might be prevented had a physician taken a moment to look closely at a patient’s chart or had a nurse taken another glance at the medicine label.

Some errors in diagnosing and treatment can be easily prevented with better education and care. For example, diagnostic errors include a delay in diagnosis or an incorrect diagnosis, failure to use indicated tests, use of outmoded tests or therapy, or failing to act on results. Part of being a good doctor includes observing the patient carefully and not ruling out potential illnesses because of bias.

Likewise, preventable treatment errors include making mistakes in surgery, administering a treatment incorrectly, prescribing the wrong dose of a drug, avoiding delay in treatment, or other inappropriate care. For example, if a doctor doesn’t look at the patient’s chart before prescribing a medication, he or she is failing to check for allergies appropriately. An allergic reaction to a drug can do more than just make a person itch; it could cause anaphylactic shock.

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