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  • How to Avoid Halloween Hazards: Tips From a Personal Injury Attorney

    Halloween is a fun and exciting time of year for both kids and adults. However, it can also be a dangerous time if proper precautions are not taken. As a personal injury attorney, I have seen many cases where people have been injured during Halloween. Here are some tips to help you avoid Halloween hazards. 1. Choose Safe Costumes When selecting a costume, make sure it is safe to wear. Avoid ...
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  • Common Car Accident Injuries: Understanding the Impact

    Car accidents are unfortunately an all-too-common occurrence on our roads, and they can lead to a wide range of injuries, both minor and severe. In this blog post, we'll explore some of the most common injuries that can result from car accidents, shedding light on their causes, symptoms, and potential long-term effects. Whiplash Whiplash is perhaps one of the most well-known car accident injuries. ...
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  • Top 7 Factors Contributing to Truck Accidents: A Comprehensive Guide

    Truck accidents can cause devastating consequences, leading to severe injuries and even fatalities. Understanding the common causes of truck accidents is crucial for both truck drivers and other motorists, as it helps create awareness and promotes safer driving practices. In this blog post, we will explore the top factors contributing to truck accidents. Driver Fatigue One of the most pervasive ...
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  • Are Insurance Companies There to Help You After an Accident?

    You will understandably be looking for help wherever you can get it after being in a bad accident that causes you to suffer an accident or damages. Before you know it, your own insurance company or that of another party involved in your accident will pop up with friendly smiles and professional-sounding correspondences. Are they really there to help you out and protect your best interests, though? ...
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  • Seeking Compensation After Being Struck by a Drunk Driver

    Drunk drivers who are caught, arrested, and charged are generally passed quickly through the criminal justice system. Driving under the influence (DUI) and driving while intoxicated (DWI) convictions are not the most difficult convictions to land, as the evidence of intoxication is usually quite apparent. What happens if a drunk driver hits and hurts another motorist, though? Will the injured ...
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  • What Is Violation of Patient Consent?

    When you hear “ medical malpractice,” it’s likely that you immediately think of doctors prescribing the wrong medication or performing surgery on the wrong patient. However, medical malpractice does not always involve a horrible accident or procedure gone wrong. In fact, a doctor or nurse may be guilty of malpractice if they perform a treatment without first obtaining the patient’s permission. ...
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  • Birth Injuries Caused by Medical Negligence

    Not All Birth Injuries Are the Result of Medical Malpractice In some cases, birth injuries are the result of maternal illness, delayed birth, prolapsed umbilical cords, or other factors that medical care providers are not always reasonably able to identify and remedy right away. Oxygen deprivation is also a common problem during labor that is not always the direct result of medical malpractice and ...
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  • How to Prove Distracted Driving in Car Accident Cases

    Distracted driving accidents cause thousands of life-changing injuries and traffic fatalities every year. For those who survive such accidents, the damages are often burdensome and severe. Such damages typically include lost wages, massive hospital bills, and the costs of long-term care, which make it essential for affected persons to take legal action against the responsible parties. Recovering ...
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  • How to Respond to Road Rage

    Being involved in an incident of road rage can be scary, and most drivers aren’t sure what to do when another motorist begins to behave menacingly on the road. In many cases, aggressive driving leads to dangerous accidents, severe injuries, and even death. Keep yourself and your passengers safe by learning how to respond in the event you become the object of another driver’s hostile or ...
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  • Long-Term Effects of a Concussion

    Potential Effects of Concussions and Other Traumatic Brain Injuries If you have experienced a concussion, you may be well-acquainted with the immediate, short-term symptoms, such as: - Amnesia surrounding the traumatic event - Confusion - Dazed expression - Fatigue - Headache or migraine - Mental “fogginess” - Sensation of intracranial pressure - Sloppy, slurred, or strange speech - Temporary loss ...
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  • Medical & Non-Medical Costs of a Traumatic Brain Injury

    Traumatic Brain Injuries Reduce Affected Persons’ Ability to Engage in Normal Activities Brain injuries always take a heavy toll on affected persons. The immediate effects are enough to keep injured parties bed-ridden, disoriented, and out of work for days, weeks, or even months. When injury symptoms are serious, they may lead to temporary or long-term impairment. Symptoms of traumatic brain ...
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  • Missouri Commercial Truck Accident Statistics

    MSHP Reports High Numbers of Commercial Motor Vehicle Crashes in 2016 The Missouri Traffic Safety Compendium of the Missouri State Highway Patrol (MSHP) reports the following figures regarding commercial motor vehicle crashes in Missouri in 2016: - Total fatal crashes: 115 - Cases of personal injury resulting from commercial motor vehicle accidents: 2,678 - Cases of property damage resulting from ...
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  • Truck Accident Investigations

    What Happens When You File a Lawsuit Following a Truck Accident In the aftermath of a truck accident, you may experience significant suffering and massive medical costs. You may be able to obtain compensation for such costs by filing a personal injury lawsuit against the truck driver, trucking company, truck manufacturer, or other responsible party. In order to establish liability and force the ...
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  • How Long Do I Have to File a Personal Injury Claim for a Dog Bite?

    Monitoring Your Injuries & Costs Following a Dog Bite Being attacked or hurt by someone else’s dog can be scary. Dealing with long-term medical care and the financial costs of developing injuries can be even scarier. Part of keeping your bite or other dog-related injury from robbing you of your hard-earned money involves tracking your damages as they progress. Doing so allows you to take action as ...
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  • What Should Your Doctor do If They Make a Mistake During Surgery?

    What Is My Doctor Supposed to Do if They Make a Mistake During Surgery? When doctors make mistakes during surgery or doing another medical procedure and they are aware that they have done so, they are legally required to fully disclose their errors to you and your family members, if applicable. It is unlawful for physicians to knowingly disclose mistakes that will impact your health and ...
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