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How to Handle Insurance Claim Denial

How to Handle Insurance Claim Denial

Dealing with the Other Party’s Insurance Company After an Accident

After being harmed as a result of someone else’s negligence, you will likely have to interact with the other party’s insurance provider in order to obtain the compensation you need for medical bills and other damages associated with your injury.

There are a few things you must keep in mind during the process:

  • Insurance adjusters are people, too. They also hold the power to approve or deny your claim, making your recovery much simpler or much more difficult. While playing nice may not necessarily guarantee a better outcome, an insurance adjuster is far less likely to be sympathetic toward you if you take out your frustration on them.
  • Don’t over-share. You are legally obligated to provide all relevant information to your own insurance company, but you are under no such obligation to do so when another party’s insurance adjuster calls. In fact, relaying all the information you have could give the insurance adjuster more material to work with when looking for a reason to deny coverage. (Saving money for the insurance company is their job, after all.) Do not “offer a statement” on the accident, as they may ask you to do. Provide the basic details of your accident (including time, place, etc.), confirmation that you have been injured, and no more.
  • Claim denial isn’t the end of it. Don’t be worried when the other party’s insurance company denies your claim. If the other party was truly at fault for your accident, you have legal recourse and will theoretically still be able to pursue the compensation you need with the help of an experienced personal injury attorney. Even if you receive an official letter from the insurance company’s attorney stating that you are not eligible to receive coverage, nothing is set in stone.

Filing insurance claims may appear straightforward but ensuring maximum compensation for your injuries can be quite difficult. Our attorneys are here to simplify the process for you and walk you through each step of your insurance claim. You may need to file an insurance claim for the following:

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