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Are Insurance Companies There to Help You After an Accident?

Are Insurance Companies There to Help You After an Accident?

You will understandably be looking for help wherever you can get it after being in a bad accident that causes you to suffer an accident or damages. Before you know it, your own insurance company or that of another party involved in your accident will pop up with friendly smiles and professional-sounding correspondences. Are they really there to help you out and protect your best interests, though? Or, is there some ulterior motive underneath it all?

Friendly Smiles & Probing Questions

No matter how helpful an insurance company representative may be in reality and when they talk to you, there will undoubtedly be an underlying theme to their communications: questions. They want to know what happened in your accident, and they want to know as soon as possible. You might still be dazed from the entire situation or aching from your injuries, but it will not stop them from asking questions.

This is really the first red flag that something is up. As it stands without argument, insurance companies are businesses, and businesses need to make money to stay open. Insurance companies can make the quickest dollar by charging as much as they can in monthly premiums and then paying out as little as they can manage when a claim does come up. Even your own insurance company will try to make a fast dollar this way if you ever have to file a claim against them, such as after being hit by an uninsured driver.

The series of questions are used to try to figure out if you can be held liable at all for your accident. Depending on your coverage, your state, and your type of accident, it is possible that being even 1% liable for your own damages can bar you from seeking any additional compensation or coverage from another party. Saying the wrong thing to an insurance company upfront can allow them to try to misrepresent the situation, bend liability onto you, and find a way to payout a minimized amount.

Get Help from Professionals Who Really Care

It is best to not take it personally. After all, insurance companies are just trying to run their business. However, you should not take it personally in the other direction by seeing them as your friends and trusted allies as your claim progresses. Some dishonest insurers may even go as far as using insurance bad faith tactics to duck out of their responsibility to you, the policyholder.

When you need help after an accident, go to someone who genuinely cares about your future, like our Sedalia personal injury attorneys of Kempton & Russell. We offer FREE initial consultations and contingency fee agreements, which means you only ever pay us if we win your case and you get paid through a settlement, verdict, award, or agreement. Since we are not chasing money upfront, you know we truly have your best interests and wellbeing at heart. Our team really does take pleasure in knowing we have done something right for a good person in need such as yourself.

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