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August 2018 Volkswagen Recall Alert

August 2018 Volkswagen Recall Alert

Volkswagen Has Recalled Over 8,000 Atlas SUVs and Passat Sedans

On August 28, 2018, major auto manufacturer Volkswagen recalled nearly 8,400 2017-2018 Passat sedans and 2018 Atlas SUVs. The company explained the recall by explaining that these automobiles may have braking issues stemming from a failure to appropriately tighten the brake caliper bracket mounting bolts. If you own either of the aforementioned vehicles, be advised that you may be at risk of brake failure and losing control of your vehicle.

As an owner of a Volkswagen Passat sedan or Atlas SUV must visit their local Volkswagen dealership in order to receive an official brake inspection and have various brake components checked and adjusted in order to meet acceptable standards of safety. If any repairs or replacements become necessary as a result of manufacturing error, they will be performed on the company’s dime.

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Most car accidents are caused by inattention and failure to adhere to the rules of the road. However, others can be caused when auto manufacturers fail to ensure the safety of their product before allowing consumers to get behind the wheel. In such cases, the manufacturer may be deemed liable for the resulting injuries and financial losses, which could allow injured parties to recover compensation for their damages.

At Kempton & Russell, we understand the frustration that comes from being in an accident caused by a defective vehicle, and we are here to help. We handle product liability cases in Sedalia and the surrounding areas in order to make sure people like you have a chance at holding big car manufacturing companies responsible when their negligence has a direct, negative impact on your life and health.

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