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Surprised by a Procedure? Here’s What You Need to Know About Informed Consent.

Surprised by a Procedure? Here’s What You Need to Know About Informed Consent.

It is not uncommon for patients to undergo a procedure, such as an operation, and be surprised about the effects. Patients are often frustrated to find that their doctors withheld important information or failed to communicate the effects of their procedure. Sometimes this can boil down to mere miscommunication, and other times it can amount to a criminal violation of a doctor’s requirement to obtain informed consent before administering treatment.

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Definition of Informed Consent

Provision of informed consent typically requires signing an acknowledgement or waiver indicating that you understand the procedure in question. If a doctor requires you to sign a consent form but does not discuss the procedure with you or personally ensure you understand the details, effects, and potential risks, this is not enough. A doctor is required to discuss the procedure with you and make sure you understand what you are getting yourself into before proceeding.

What Does My Doctor Have to Tell Me Before a Procedure?

Your doctor is not legally required to give you a run-down of every potential disaster that could ensue or possible side effect that may occur because of the procedure. However, they are required to relay to you risks that are relevant, relatively likely, and pertinent in your case. If you learn of a risk later and would have declined the procedure had you known about it from the beginning, this could be evidence that your doctor did not obtain your informed consent.

Informed Consent in Emergency Situations

If you are in an emergency room and require immediate treatment in order to save your life, obtaining informed consent is likely very difficult and potentially impossible, depending on the medical emergency you are experiencing at the time. To put it simply, a doctor is not legally required to obtain your permission before saving your life in an emergency situation.

The same goes for patients who suffer from intense emotional difficulties or mental fragility. If a doctor believes a patient’s level of emotional distress is so great that they may turn down lifesaving treatment, the doctor has the freedom to relay the risks with some ambiguity.

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