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Laceration Hazard Leads to 8 Million Unit Cuisinart Recall

Laceration Hazard Leads to 8 Million Unit Cuisinart Recall

Planning on cooking up a huge holiday meal for your family and friends? Before you get too far into the recipe, check the model number on your food processor right now.

Conair has announced that 8 million Cuisinart food processors have been recalled due to defective blades that can crack and leave metal shards in finished food products. Roughly 30 people have reported mouth lacerations and cracked teeth. Another 40 or so noticed the metal in their food before any harm could be done.

The blades have apparently been in use for years, as the recall has targeted models dating back all the way to 1996. You can spot a defective blade by inspecting its design: double-crescent blades with serration, plastic circular cap in the center, and four rivets encircling the cap. The rivets seem to be the source of the problem, as cracks in the metal typically form between the rivets and the edge of the blade.

There is also important safety recall information directly on Cuisinart’s website ( and the Consumer Product Safety Commission website ( You can visit either website for a full list of affected model numbers. It is recommended that you review this list, even if you think you do not have the defective blade.

What to Do If You’re Hurt by a Cuisinart

If you or a family member are injured by a Cuisinart food processor defect this holiday season, it is important to thoroughly document the incident as much as possible. Take pictures of the food, the food processor, its model number, the blade itself, and any injuries. You will need all of this information to strengthen your impending product liability claim.

To start constructing your case, contact Kempton & Russell at your earliest opportunity. Our Sedalia personal injury lawyers are well-versed in product liability claims and are not afraid to go up against large manufacturing companies if need be.