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Tips to Stay Safe on the Roads This Holiday Season

Tips to Stay Safe on the Roads This Holiday Season

Now that Halloween 2016 is in the books, many people are already getting ready for the holidays and finalizing their travel plans. With the price of gasoline down and airline tickets being costlier than ever, many travelers are choosing to take to the roads and drive to their holiday destinations. Unfortunately, this increased number of drivers will also likely come with an increased risk of accidents.

If you plan on driving this holiday season, the following tips can help keep you safe:

  1. Maintain your vehicle: Missouri residents know all too well about the harsh weather conditions and bitter cold that the later months of the year can bring. With sleet, snow, and ice, comes skids, screeches, and crashes. Fortunately, drivers can minimize their chances of losing control by ensuring their vehicles are maintained and prepared for the winter conditions. Be sure to check and replace worn brakes, tires, windshield wipers, and shocks in your vehicle prior to embarking on your holiday road trip. Likewise, if you will be traveling through a particularly snowy area, consider equipping tire chains on your vehicle.
  2. Slow down: Speeding is one of the greatest causes of car accidents even under normal conditions, let alone while driving in inclement weather. Stay within the posted limit and take turns slowly to stay in control.
  3. Keep your distance: When the roads are crowded, drivers tend to follow those in front of them more closely. This can decrease the amount of time that evasive measures can be taken and reduces the margin of error substantially. To avoid a holiday rear-end accident, be sure to leave at least two car lengths of space between your vehicle and the one in front of you.
  4. Watch out for drunk drivers: Unfortunately, holiday parties and company gatherings typically correspond to an increase in the number of intoxicated drivers on the roads. Drive defensively and keep an eye out for any motorists exhibiting signs of intoxication, such as swerving or erratic movements. If you see a suspected drunk driver, call the police.

What to Do if Involved in a Holiday Car Accident

Unfortunately, not even the most careful and skilled drivers can ever truly foresee the actions of a negligent driver. If you or someone you love is harmed in a collision through no fault of your own, you should act immediately and call the Sedalia car accident lawyers at Kempton & Russell. With more than 60 years of proven legal experience, we have what it takes to defend your legal rights and maximize your chances of securing the compensation you deserve.

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