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How to Respond to Road Rage

How to Respond to Road Rage

Being involved in an incident of road rage can be scary, and most drivers aren’t sure what to do when another motorist begins to behave menacingly on the road. In many cases, aggressive driving leads to dangerous accidents, severe injuries, and even death. Keep yourself and your passengers safe by learning how to respond in the event you become the object of another driver’s hostile or intimidating behavior.

How to Respond to Road Rage

Here are a few things you must keep in mind if you are on the receiving end of someone else’s road rage:Road Rage Infographic

  1. Remember that it’s not personal. During instances of road rage, aggressors typically allowed themselves to internalize others’ behavior on the road, taking the actions of other motorists as personal affronts. As a recipient of the resulting antagonism, the worst thing you can do is escalate the situation by taking their behavior personally.
  2. Diffuse their anger by remaining calm. Be careful not to reciprocate their body language, offensive gestures, or other aggressive actions, as this could encourage them to be even more upset. If possible, steer clear of the driver and attempt to stay out of their way, and avoid attempts to “get back at” them on the road, as this could make things much worse. Also avoid making eye contact and keep your eyes on the road at all times.
  3. Keep an eye out for the aggressive driver. Many occurrences of road rage involve angry motorists following others and attacking them in parking lots, in front of their homes, at stoplights, or anywhere other drivers come to a stop. If a driver is behaving in a threatening manner, attempt to safely create distance between your vehicles, but keep an eye on their vehicle at all times to make sure they aren’t following you. If you can, take mental notes regarding the car’s make, model, and license plate number, as well as the appearance of the driver.
  4. Contact the police if necessary. If another driver is tailing you closely, attempting to ram their vehicle into yours, following you, or otherwise putting your safety in jeopardy, stick to main, well-traveled roads and call 911.
  5. Don’t go home right away. It may be dangerous to go home or to your place of work, as it may invite the enraged driver to retaliate later in the form of stalking, vandalism, etc. If you are unsure where to go, police and dispatchers may be able to help you arrive safely by helping you navigate to a police station, hospital, or other secure location. Also avoid pulling off into neighborhoods or onto rural roads, as these could lead to you being isolated and vulnerable.

Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit After a Road Rage Accident

If you have had the misfortune of being injured in an accident caused by an aggressive driver, you may be able to rectify the situation by filing a personal injury lawsuit against the driver and obtaining compensation for your damages. This will require you and your legal counsel to prove that the driver’s aggression and reckless behavior directly caused your accident and led to your injuries or losses. Establishing liability may allow you to recover the funds you need to afford medical bills, make up for lost wages, and pay for your injury-related costs, and it can also keep the roadways safer by holding your aggressor accountable for their actions.

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