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What to Ask Your Doctor After an Accident

What to Ask Your Doctor After an Accident

Your personal injury claim begins the moment of your accident. If you want to strengthen that claim as much as possible, you need to start thinking about what can help it. Most people know that how they react at the scene of the accident – from car accidents to injuries caused by defective products – can make a significant difference in the outcome of your case, but did you know that what you ask – or forget to ask – your doctor can, too?

If you want to know how much money you will need in compensation to make ends meet after an accident, you need to know about the extent of your injuries and any complications they could cause. Essentially, the more information your physician can tell you upfront, the better.

Write down this list of four questions you definitely want to ask your doctor:

  1. Are my injuries extensive?
    Due to the subtle nature of certain injury types, you might not know how badly you’ve been injured right away, especially if the harm has occurred internally. You really need to know the full extent of your injuries if you want your claim to be thorough.
  2. Could my injuries get worse?
    Emergency treatment and initial hospitalization can sometimes only address life-threatening injuries without fully curing them. Unfortunately, it is possible that your injuries might worsen before you feel them starting to heal. If your doctor expects future complications that will need additional treatment options, you need to know it now.
  3. Can I return to work?
    Personal injury claims that are thorough will seek damages for wages missed while you recover, but you won’t know how much that amount should be if you can’t predict how much work you will miss. Ask your doctor if you need time off and, if so, when you can come back to work without risking the agitation of your injuries.
  4. Where can I get a copy of my medical files?
    You will need to show that your injuries didn’t exist before your accident. A complete file of your medical records will outline this clearly. Don’t be surprised if your doctor refers you to a clerk at the front desk for your files, though.

After arming yourself with useful information and answers from your doctor, you can reinforce your personal injury claim. For additional help and a professional’s insight, speak with our Sedalia personal injury lawyers from Kempton & Russell. With 60+ years of total trial-tested experience and an AV Preeminent® Rating from Martindale-Hubbell®, we are widely regarded as a premier personal injury law firm in Missouri.

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