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Birth Injuries Caused by Medical Negligence

Birth Injuries Caused by Medical Negligence

Not All Birth Injuries Are the Result of Medical Malpractice

In some cases, birth injuries are the result of maternal illness, delayed birth, prolapsed umbilical cords, or other factors that medical care providers are not always reasonably able to identify and remedy right away. Oxygen deprivation is also a common problem during labor that is not always the direct result of medical malpractice and can happen when a child has underdeveloped lungs, a low birth weight, or complications of the umbilical cord. Oxygen deprivation during pregnancy and birth has been known to cause a variety of birth injuries ranging from mild to severe, including autism, cerebral palsy, and other debilitating issues.

How Medical Negligence Can Lead to Birth Injuries

While birth injuries may happen despite medical professionals’ in-depth knowledge of pregnancy and birth, they are often the direct result of the negligent action or inaction of doctors, nurses, emergency medical responders, and hospital staff. Newborn children and mothers may suffer serious injuries as a result of the following forms of medical malpractice:

  • - Incorrect use of assistive devices, such as forceps and vacuums
  • - Failure to identify and remedy fetal distress in a timely manner
  • - Failure to perform an emergency C-section in a timely manner
  • - Failure to adequately monitor and adjust fetal and maternal oxygen levels
  • - Failure to prevent, identify, and treat maternal hemorrhaging
  • - Failure to prevent, identify, and keep perineal tearing from progressing
  • - Failure to identify and address high blood pressure and preeclampsia
  • - Failure to identify and treat diabetes
  • - Failure to prevent, identify, and treat maternal infection
  • - Failure to identify or screen for fetal abnormalities

Any of the above failures or oversights could result in severe and debilitating harm to mother, child, or both. When innocent families and children suffer because doctors, nurses, and other medical or hospital staff do not exercise appropriate care and attention, filing a medical malpractice claim may be the best course of action. Doing so can allow affected families to recover financial compensation proportionate to the personal, physical, and financial damages they have experienced.

Birth Injury Attorneys Serving Families in Sedalia

If you, your child, or your child’s mother has been harmed through medical negligence, you may need to take legal action in order to making things right. Winning a medical malpractice lawsuit may not alleviate your suffering, but doing so can ensure you and your loved ones endure minimal financial loss.

At Kempton & Russell, we are experienced birth injury attorneys in Sedalia. We have personally handled thousands of birth injury cases and are prepared to provide you with the trustworthy legal guidance and compassionate legal service you need to make it through this time. Connect with a member of our team as soon as possible to schedule your free consultation and begin exploring your legal options.

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