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Do Bed Sores Form Due to Medical Negligence?

Do Bed Sores Form Due to Medical Negligence?

Kempton & Russell proudly represents families who have had loved ones suffer injury or harm due to medical malpractice. Time and time again, our attorneys have found that bed sores are not a symptom or side effect of an illness. Rather, it may be a direct result of medical negligence, such as inattentive nursing home staff and failure to provide the patient with the care that they deserve.

If you believe that your loved one has suffered due to medical malpractice, you have every right to take legal action on your loved one’s behalf. Our Sedalia medical malpractice lawyers offer sound, compassionate legal guidance, in hopes that we can help your family find financial compensation for the harm that has been done.

What Are Bed Sores?

Bed sores are wounds or skin ulcers that affect the underlying tissue. Bedsores can develop if a patient has been sitting in one position for too long, or whose posture has not been adjusted. Certain patients may be more prone to developing bed sores, such as the elderly, who may have weakened immune systems or thinner skin, and have limited mobility. The most common areas where bed sores develop are the limbs, as well as the ankles, heels, and hips, which come into contact with the band more often.

Some factors that contribute to the development of bed sores:

  • Poor circulation
  • Limited ability to move
  • Malnutrition
  • Age
  • Loss of sensation
  • Moisture, due to perspiration or patients who may be incontinent
  • Friction from skin and limbs sliding across bed sheets

Hospital staff should be trained to prevent bed sores from occurring by repositioning the patient every so often and closely monitoring high-risk patients. Staff must encourage the patient to consume nutritious meals, reduce friction, carefully evaluate the patient at least once per day, and keep the patient’s skin clean and free of moisture. Because bed sores can develop quite rapidly; when that occurs, they can also be very difficult to treat once they have begun forming. This is why many patients fall can become ill quickly, and need extensive treatment.

How Can Our Legal Team Help?

At Kempton & Russell, we have a team of Sedalia medical malpractice attorneys who are seasoned at evaluating cases involving nursing home negligence and the formation of bed sores. What we will determine first is how the bed sores formed, what factors caused them, and then take the necessary legal action to protect your rights and the rights of your loved ones.

We are prepared to help you stand up to justice. Call us today and request a free case evaluation.