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Missouri Commercial Truck Accident Statistics

Missouri Commercial Truck Accident Statistics

MSHP Reports High Numbers of Commercial Motor Vehicle Crashes in 2016

The Missouri Traffic Safety Compendium of the Missouri State Highway Patrol (MSHP) reports the following figures regarding commercial motor vehicle crashes in Missouri in 2016:

  • - Total fatal crashes: 115
  • - Cases of personal injury resulting from commercial motor vehicle accidents: 2,678
  • - Cases of property damage resulting from commercial motor vehicle accidents: 11,374
  • - Fatal crashes that occurred in clear weather: 69
  • - Fatal crashes that occurred in cloudy, rainy, or otherwise inclement weather: 61
  • - Persons killed by drivers holding CDL or Operator licenses: 21
  • - Crashes that occurred on gravel or other dry or sandy roads: 9,591
  • - Crashes that occurred in wet, snowy, icy, muddy, or otherwise dangerous roads: 1,976
  • - Crashes that occurred on level, straight roads: 8,764
  • - Crashes that occurred on curved roads: 2,022

While some truck accidents are particularly dangerous (such as those that occur on curved or wet roads), the vast majority occur during daylight and on flat, straight roadways. This means that other drivers are always at risk when sharing the roadway with commercial vehicles, regardless of the weather conditions, time of day, etc. Given the prevalence and likelihood of dangerous truck accidents in Missouri, it is imperative that you and your loved ones know who to call if you experience a crash involving a commercial vehicle.

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