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What Happens if My Injuries Do Not Show Up Until Long After My Car Accident?

What Happens if My Injuries Do Not Show Up Until Long After My Car Accident?

The body can be exposed to tremendous force in the event of a car accident, causing incredible damage to soft tissues, internal organs, and bones in the process. While many injuries resulting from car accident are obvious, others can have symptoms which can remain hidden for days or even weeks following a collision, making it possible for individuals to suffer critical damage and feel more or less fine. But why does this happen, and what are the legal implications that this can have on a person’s ability to pursue compensation for their injuries?

Car Accidents Are “Exciting”

While car accidents are by no means exciting in the enjoyable sense, the shock of a collision can cause a person’s body to enter a heightened state in which their “fight or flight” reflexes are triggered. From minor fender benders to massive wrecks involving several vehicles, car accidents can cause an endorphin and adrenaline rush which can mask a person’s ability to experience pain, causing their injuries to go unnoticed while they are in their excited state.

Delayed symptoms are particularly common in soft-tissue injuries such as “whiplash,” or other injuries which affect the upper back and neck following the intense forward and backward motion experienced upon impact. In many cases, symptoms such as pain, swelling, and limited motion may remain dormant until weeks after the date of injury. Likewise, since soft tissue injuries can be difficult to detect on x-rays, properly diagnosing and documenting these injuries can prove to be challenging.

Seek Medical Attention Immediately

Even if your crash was seemingly minor, it is imperative you seek a thorough medical evaluation following your accident to protect both your health and ability to pursue compensation. In many cases, waiting to see a doctor will increase the likelihood that the involved insurance companies will question the cause of your injuries or deny you coverage by implying that your injuries are not as severe as you say. Seeing a doctor at once and attending all follow-up appointments will allow you to ensure your injuries are documented, as well as ensuring that the duration and nature of your injuries is verified.

While delayed injuries can introduce complications into your personal injury claim, you may still be able to recover a fair settlement with the assistance of a knowledgeable attorney. At Kempton & Russell, our Sedalia personal injury lawyers have represented the rights of injured clients for more than 60 years and can provide the steadfast support you need to maximize your potential financial recovery. With millions recovered, we have what it takes to help you secure the results you need.

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