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Pro Tips for Talking to Insurance Adjusters After an Accident

Pro Tips for Talking to Insurance Adjusters After an Accident

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What to Do When the Insurance Adjuster Comes Knocking

At some point after your car accident, you will be contacted by the other driver’s auto insurance provider. It may be uncomfortable, but you need to speak with them in order to recover the compensation you need. This conversation is absolutely critical to the success of your personal injury case, so it is imperative that you keep the following in mind when talking to them:

  • Don’t show all your cards. You are required by law to disclose all relevant information about your accident to your own insurance company. However, you are under no such legal obligation to the other driver’s insurance company. To say the least, it would work against you to be uncooperative and refuse to divulge any information about the accident when the insurance adjuster calls. However, you should not share any information beyond the basic facts of the case, such as when and where it occurred. The more information you give the insurance adjuster, the more material the other driver’s insurance company has to work with when trying to discredit your claim.
  • Friendliness pays off. At the end of the day, the insurance adjuster is also human and this is their job. You might not feel up for answering their questions after the accident, as you may be in recovery or experiencing a great deal of pain, but it is in your best interest to be as cordial as possible when they call. Being polite and agreeable to the insurance adjuster may even result in the other driver’s insurance company paying for your damages then and there, saving you the trouble of a personal injury suit altogether.
  • Keep witnesses to yourself. Should there be any known witnesses to your accident, it would behoove you to not tell the insurance adjuster when they call. They will make a point to ask if there are any witnesses, but you can politely dismiss the question by stating that you will disclose such information at the right time. If there are witnesses who can help your case, it is best to keep this between you and your personal injury attorney until the right moment.

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